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Products - FLUXiM AG -- Versatile Scientific tools for OLED's, Solar Cells, OPV's


We provide simulation software and measurement hardware for research and development of OLED and solar cells to our customers in industry and academia. Our software is being used to gain further insight into device operation and for optimizing device performance.

SETFOS is a modular software tool. For OLED application first an electrical simulation of charge transport is performed and then combined with an optical outcoupling calculation. For solar cells first the light absorption is calculated followed by charge transport to the electrodes.

Setfos 4 OLED
 is an easy to use software tool to simulate the electro-optical properties of OLEDs and next generation solar cells.
It includes four modules
  • Emission
  • Drift-Diffusion
  • Light scattering
  • Absorption

Each module can be licensed separately or combined for fully coupled electrical-optical calculations.


setfos at a glance

  • setfos is a powerful and CPU-efficient simulation software tailored to the development of novel optoelectronic thin-film-based technologies.
  • setfos is designed to study and optimize organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) as well as organic solar cells (OPV) and other thin film devices (photo-diodes, Bragg reflectors, …).
  • setfos gives insight into the device physics. Thanks to its advanced analysis features, setfos is a highly efficient, predictive and descriptive scientific tool.
  • setfos enables you to inspect internal characteristics not accessible by experiment, to assess device performance and to accelerate the R&D process.
  • setfos runs on regular personal computers and is widely used in both industrial and academic research laboratories.
  • setfos is available in three modules for light absorption, drift-diffusion, and dipole emission simulations. All modules can be combined according to your needs.
  • setfos performs three versatile simulation tasks: multivariable sweep, optimization, and parameter extraction by least-square fitting.
  • setfos comes with three interactive views for intuitive graphical input, optional script-based input, and customizable graphical representation of results.

All setfos modules include

  • Intuitive graphical user interface and editor for optional scripting
  • Input and output in ASCII format
  • Powerful plot editing tools and export capability for publication-quality graphs (PNG, JPG, EPS, PDF, SVG)
  • Rich and extendable material properties database
  • Automatic generation of simulation reports (HTML, PNG, EPS)
  • Calculation of specific figure-of-merits like current balance, CIE color coordinates, color rendering index, solar-eye-integrated reflectance, light-incoupling efficiency
  • Windows and Linux compatibility
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