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Products - Consultancy and Training

With a strong team of well-trained and experienced engineers, Product Support and Training Division of GigaSoft India provides pre-sales and post-sales support and training to the wide range of academic and research institutions and corporate clients. Providing quick, accurate, precise and ready-to-use information to the customers form the primary objective of the division.

Some of the services this division offers are:>
Pre-sales presentations :
Through these presentations, the customer gets first-hand feel of the product of his interest, its application and utility. The presentations are bundled with number of live demonstrations, case studies, industry applications and user stories addressing his area(s) of interest. The technical support team extensively works with the customers and assists them in selecting right tool.
Installations :
The engineers carry out product installation at the customer’s site immediately after the delivery of product and provide brief orientation to the customer. This helps our customers to start experimenting on the tool or executing the projects without any undue delay. 
Training :
Steady innovation in today's electronics & electrical CAD software has created a training challenge for virtually all engineering departments. While more engineers now have design tools readily available at their desks, many do not have enough hands-on experience with their tools to use them productively. Those who do have experience face the challenge of staying current and learning how to best take advantage of the latest version of software. challenge of staying current and learning how to best take advantage of the latest version of software. GSI offers several different training options to meet your individual needs and budget.
  1.  To meet the challenges of today's market, GSI has created a virtual classroom training program. GSI's virtual classroom training is a half-day training session delivered over the Internet. Participants receive a hard copy of the training manual a week prior to the class, and use the manual as a reference or workbook as they follow along virtually with a live instructor. When it is time to do the lab exercises, you can access a virtual desktop which has the software and lab files already installed. Breakout sessions are available if you need special attention.
  2. GSI has developed a series of two and three day classroom training sessions on several popular topics in PCB design. These courses are presented across many organisations by full-time professional instructors with many years of hands-on industry experience. 
  3. GSI Online is a series of self-guided Internet training solutions that enables you to become highly confident and proficient in all aspects of design,  simulation, or  analysis.
  4. GSI can arrange onsite training classes of five or more students on all the products we provide and support.
These on-site sessions are ideal for customers.
The trainings are conducted by expert trainers and employ highly interactive teaching methodology. This assists the users to quickly learn to use the tool in effective and efficient way. As an obvious outcome of these interactive trainings, the organizations get large pool of human resources ready to execute 
their projects in short period. These sessions are customized on the basis of user’s present awareness about the product, area of his interest, his learning style and ability. 
Workshops :
We also conduct short-term workshops on our products. Our past experience shows that the participation in these workshops have proven to be a catalyst in widening and consolidating application spectrum using our world-class products and have led to concrete understanding of the utility of the tool. Interestingly, this provides a platform for a very thought-provoking interaction among the user 
community coming from diverse technical fields and exchange of innovative ideas. 
Hand-holding :
At GigaSoft, our priority is to build a very strong, mutually-beneficial and long-lasting relationship with our customers. As a part of this philosophy, we provide unparalleled post-sales technical support to our customers till they don’t need us.
Our customers get the necessary information quickly which reduces their development cycle, project execution time and time to market the product and leads to optimized utilization of available resources.

GigaSoft India., has been providing Scientific and Statistical solutions to  Engineering and R&D Organizations in India for over a decade.
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